About Personal Equity

Combining the professional due diligence of venture capital with the accessibility of equity crowdfunding
Personal Equity is a new way of investing. It combines the professional levels of due diligence and support offered by traditional venture capital firms with the flexible, convenient access provided by equity crowdfunding platforms.

What it means

Personal Equity aims to bridge the gap between equity crowdfunding and traditional venture capital & private equity by providing fast, convenient multi-channel access to investment opportunities, underpinned by professional due diligence, industry sector expertise and ongoing investor support. It seeks to give small firms faster, less expensive access to capital, with the benefit of support from industry experts. Investors can gain access to higher quality investment opportunities, on consistent terms, reassured that the opportunities have undergone thorough due diligence and will benefit from ongoing support.

Growthdeck: Personal Equity

Why we believe in Personal Equity

Growthdeck is pioneering the Personal Equity investment approach. We believe it offers investors and businesses the best of both worlds.

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