Meet the Management

We hold regular 'Meet the Management' events in premier private dining rooms, in London and other locations.
Connecting Investors and Businesses

To help investors decide which of our investment opportunities are right for their portfolios, for each new investment offer we hold "Meet the Management" lunches in premier private dining rooms in London and other locations.

Growthdeck Meet the Management Lunch

These lunches typically attract 20-30 attendees and provide an excellent opportunity to meet the key individuals behind each venture and to hear more about their plans. After a brief informal presentation, interested investors are then able to ask questions about the business, the terms of the offer and the all-important exit plan.

Growthdeck Meet the Management Lunch

Recent Meet the Management lunches include: Pi (Artisan pizzas), Elite Coffee and iFabrics.

If you would like the opportunity to attend future Meet the Management lunches, please register as an investor here.