Our Process

Growthdeck applies professional venture capital processes in assessing potential investment opportunities
How we select our opportunities

Any company seeking funding is assessed as follows:

  1. Investment Review

    An investment executive undertakes an initial review of the business plan.

  2. Sector Review

    If the executive decides to progress the opportunity he/she will discuss the proposition with one or more of our sector advisers.

  3. Due Diligence

    The advisers will provide input on exactly which areas need to be addressed in the due diligence exercise. In some situations, our advisers will play a hands-on role in conducting due diligence with the investment executive. In some cases, additional due diligence will be commissioned from accounting or legal firms.

  4. Agree Terms

    Assuming the appraisal process yields positive findings, the investment executive will agree terms with the investee company.

  5. Final Review

    The investment proposition is then presented to the Growthdeck Investment Committee.

  6. Offer Launched

    If approved, the investment proposition is offered to Growthdeck investors in the form of an Information Memorandum prepared by the investment team in conjunction with the investee business.