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A range of services for overseas investors seeking opportunities in UK businesses - including Tier One Entrepreneur and other entry visa assistance
Investing in the UK

We believe it is an excellent time to invest in UK businesses. Despite the unknown future effects of Brexit, the UK economy is continuing to experience stable growth[1], which consolidates the country as a prime destination for inward investment in Europe. The UK has long been considered attractive to foreign investors, thanks to its diverse economy, stable democracy and robust legal infrastructure. In addition, London should continue to be a global financial hub, attracting business and investment from around the world.

The UK private equity market is the second largest after the US[2] and many investors see it as an attractive 'alternative asset' class. The UK's small business sector is experiencing a recent surge in activity[3], and Growthdeck takes great care to select high quality investment opportunities that have excellent prospects for growth, and clear exit strategies.


现在是投资英国的极佳时机。 尽管未来退欧带来了不确定性 ,英国经济正字继续稳步强势的增长,这巩固了英国作为海外投资欧洲的主要目的地。英国长久以来被投资者视为具有吸引力的国家,这得益于其多元的经济,稳定的民主制以及强健的的司法系统。此外,伦敦会继续成为全球金融的中心,吸引来自全世界的投资与商机。

英国私募市场是仅次于美国的全球第二大市场。它一直被投资者视为非常具有吸引力的‘另类投资资产’。 英国小型企业界近来正在经历活跃增长期,Growthdeck非常用心地筛选出具有很好成长前景和清晰投资退出战略的高质量投资机会。

Investing in the UK with Growthdeck

What we can do for you

We welcome overseas and immigrant investors (including Tier 1 Investor Visa and Entrepreneur Visas) making private equity investments in UK businesses. Through us, investors can take significant equity stakes in companies that have potential for high growth.

Unlike conventional fund managers, we provide private investors with direct access to high quality investment opportunities in UK private companies. We cover a wide range of industries, such as fitness, telecoms, entertainment, retail, energy, fashion, and technology.

With us, you can invest in what you find appealing, when you want to, and at a level that suits you. You gain access to an exclusive club (the ‘Radius Investor Club’) that provides a range of premium services, including member events, early access to investment opportunities and a personal relationship service. You also get the chance to meet the management teams behind the companies in which you invest, establish excellent connections, and explore further business opportunities.

Our team has extensive experience in the UK private equity sector. Gary Robins, our Head of Business Development, and a 3i Investment Director for 15 years, has been involved in almost 200 private equity deals in the UK.

For more information, please contact a team member on 01908 953260 or email us at radius@growthdeck.com



同传统的基金经理不同,我们致力于使私人投资者能够直接接触到高质量的投资机会以投资英国公司。我们(的投资)覆盖广泛的行业:比如健身,电信,娱乐, 零售,能源,时尚,科技等等。

作为我们的投资者,您能够投资您感兴趣的项目,您能够决定您什么时候投资,也能够自行决定投资的额度。 我们的‘Radius投资者俱乐部’是一个专注于只为受到邀请才能加入的Growthdeck投资者的高级投资者俱乐部,为您提供一系列的高端服务,包括独家的会员交际活动, 提前接触到投资机会,以及拥有一名私人的客户关系经理。 通过此项服务,您有机会可以面对面地和您投资的公司的管理层进行交流和了解,从而建立良好的商业联系,开拓未来您感兴趣的商业机会。 了解更多关于Radius投资者俱乐部

Radius Investor Club在英国私募行业有非常丰富的经验。我们的主席David Harding作为William Hill(威廉希尔-欧洲最负盛名的博彩公司,是世界博彩业中的旗帜性公司)的前首席执行官,他成功带领了公司进行首次公开募股。 Gary Robins, 战略董事, 在私募基金领域工作超过30年。 他职业生涯中15年在3i做投资董事。他经手了几乎200个投资英国公司的风投项目,涵盖各种行业和领域。

更多地了解 Radius Investor Club team

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Please note

We want our investors to be fully aware of the downsides of equity investing as well as the potential benefits. It's therefore important to realise that investing in small companies always carries risks, including the loss of capital, illiquidity (the inability to sell assets quickly or without substantial loss in value), lack of dividends and share dilution. Equity investments should still be made as part of a diversified portfolio. Read our full Risk Warning