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Commercial property investment

Our investors can now participate in selected UK commercial property investment opportunities.

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The key benefits

Portfolio diversification

Commercial property complements our core, tax-efficient investment opportunities in growth companies, and helps provide investors with the opportunity to diversify their portfolios.

Tax mitigation

Profits realised on property investments can be re-invested in our Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) opportunities to help mitigate the tax impact from gains.

Who is it for?

Growthdeck investors who want to diversify their portfolio and gain exposure to a robust and growing investment sector.

What types of property will be funded?

Our focus is on existing commercial properties in the UK. We are not funding speculative development, or construction, and will not consider projects overseas. We mainly seek established properties that can generate a reliable, long-term income stream (e.g. rent) and have scope for repositioning, better lease terms or an improved tenant covenant. This helps reduce risk for our investors and generates revenue that can be used to increase the total return.

How does it work?

A single project will typically require £2-4m of financing for the purchase of the asset. A portion of this (c.50-60%) will be external debt finance, and the remainder (c.40-50%) will be provided by Growthdeck investors.

How do I invest?

Investors can reserve one or more units of £5,000 in any of our live opportunities, via the website, or through direct contact with our team. Money is then committed on successful completion of the fundraise.

What returns can investors expect?

A typical project is likely to generate pre-tax annualised returns of between 10% and 15%. For each unit of £5,000, an investor might expect to receive £2,500 to £4,000 gross profit over five years.

Why invest with Growthdeck?

Our property team has over 50 years of combined property investment experience, while taxefficient EIS opportunities are sourced by our highly experienced team of private equity professionals. Growthdeck provides a unique combination of professional due diligence, premium client servicing and detailed portfolio reporting for our investors.

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Our commercial property team has over 50 years of professional industry experience, supported by the wider Growthdeck disciplines of thorough due diligence, class-leading client service and detailed portfolio reporting.

The Growthdeck USPs
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  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Professional due diligence
  • Full portfolio reporting
  • Private networking events

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