Investing in… MedTech

Recently we hosted the latest instalment in our regular series of themed evening events for sophisticated investors, ‘Investing in… MedTech’, in association with Nash & Co.

Growthdeck: Investing in… MedTech

We heard excellent presentations from three fundraising companies operating in Britain's multi-billion-pound MedTech industry (Redecol, BioEpic and iFabric), as well as a sector overview and tips for investing in early stage MedTech businesses from Dr. Graham Hine (BSc, PhD).

Dr Graham Hine - Investing in MedTech Presentation

Dr Hine has more than 20 years’ experience at Chairman and CEO level in the science and medical technology sectors. Since 2014, he has been chairman of 5 top flight science companies, covering global stem cell services, point of care diagnostics, UV detector technology and a patented generic solution to kill cancer cells.

Dr Graham Hine - Overview of MedTech Sector

He gave us a fascinating overview, including delving right back to the origins of MedTech, then moved on to talk about the big increase in personalised, patient-powered healthcare that we see today.

Tim Coutts CEO of Redecol - Investing in MedTech Pitch

CEO and founder, Tim Coutts, explained that Redecol was established to research, develop and commercialise unique sensor technology for the monitoring and managing of asthma (with further applications in COPD), with its Breathe EasyFlow device that will radically improve patients’ lives and reduce costs.

Dominic Wood CEO of BioEpic - Investing in MedTech Pitch

Founder, Dominic Wood, told us the story of BioEpic, whose technology is the world’s first application using only a smartphone that enables people to non-invasively measure their health status in just 30 seconds.

George Costa CEO of iFabric - Investing in MedTech Pitch

Founder and fabric technologist, George Costa, presented iFabric, the business behind DreamSkin® - a proprietary polymer which is a breakthrough in the management of skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis.

Simon Emary CEO of Growthdeck - Investing in MedTech Networking

Growthdeck Team

4 July 2017

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