How to invest

Joining the Growthdeck platform

Signing up to Growthdeck

The first step to investing with Growthdeck is to register as an investor. We take security very seriously but it should still only take a few minutes to complete.

  1. Create an account

    Tell us your name, email address and choose a password. This will create your Growthdeck account. Your chosen email address will become your username.

  2. Tell us your investment profile

    Growthdeck does not provide financial advice and to invest through our platform you need to meet the appropriate FCA criteria. You can select your investment profile from three options - sophisticated investor, high net-worth investor, or investor. If you are classified as an 'Investor', you will then be asked to complete a simple questionnaire to check that you understand the basics of equity investments.

  3. Confirm your agreement

    Then you will need to agree to our short investor statement (again, an FCA requirement).

  4. Activate your account

    The final step is to activate your Growthdeck account by clicking the link sent by email. Once done, you will be able to log in to the site, view our opportunities in full and invest.

Making an investment

  1. Verify your personal details

    Before you invest for the first time, we need to verify your residential address and date of birth (as required for by the FCA). This will enable us to run an instant check using the CallCredit database. The check leaves no footprint on your credit record. Once verified, we will send you a welcome letter, thus confirming your residential address.

  2. Enter the amount you wish to invest and confirm agreement

    As soon as you have verified your details, you can then invest from £1,000 upwards in our opportunities. Simply enter the amount and confirm your agreement to the various legal documents/statements that are listed.

  3. Check and confirm the investor agreement

    You will now have to read and confirm you are happy with the investor agreement related to the specific opportunity you are investing in. This document covers your rights as a shareholder in the company and your relationshp with Growthdeck as Nominee.

  4. Payment

    The final step is to arrange payment. Growthdeck works slightly differently to other equity crowdfunding platforms. Instead of using a third-party payment gateway, like Gocardless or Stripe, we prefer our investors to deposit funds directly using their chosen method. This is easiest via an online banking payment (e.g. BACS) directly into the WCS Nominee account, which is administered by Woodside Corporate Services Limited ("WCS") as Custodians on your behalf. You don't need to wait for your deposit to clear before making an investment - you will be given up to 10 working days to deposit the balance.

    You also have the option of making a deposit into your WCS Growthdeck account even before you've chosen an investment. The funds will then be available for investment at any point going forward. In the event of a failed or curtailed fund raise, if you have invested, then the money will be returned to your WCS Growthdeck account for re-investment or withdrawal.

    Please note: the WCS account is non-interest bearing. Funds are kept separate from both Growthdeck Limited and WCS, but may not be covered by Deposit Protection under the Financial Services Protection Scheme in the event of insolvency of Metro Bank Plc.