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Pi   |  Food & Drink
Target £750,000
Type Equity & Loan
Status Funded

The Opportunity

Sourfire Limited, trading as Pi, is seeking £500,000 of equity and loan to fund the roll-out of its artisan pizza format from its existing Winchester base to three additional sites in South London.

Pi is an Artisan Pizzeria offering high quality pizzas with innovative flavour combinations. The real USP of the business is its sharing pizza format, which is of particular appeal to younger diners seeking a social dining experience. The concept has been proven over the past three years at the first site in Winchester, Hampshire. It now plans to open additional restaurants in South London.

  • The £500,000 is offered in two strips - £250,000 of EIS qualifying equity and a £250,000 secured loan paying interest at 8% per annum.
  • The equity and loan strips are each offered in units of £1,000 and £5,000 respectively. Investors can take one or more units of either the equity or the loan – or take a blended package of equity and loan units (i.e. effectively constructing your own mezzanine loan).
  • Each £1,000 unit of equity buys ‘A’ Ordinary Shares representing 0.12% of the initial equity, on a pre-money capitalisation of £583k.
  • The ‘A’ Ordinary Shares are voting shares. On an exit, the amounts subscribed for the existing Ordinary Shares in the Company and for the new ‘A’ Ordinary Shares will first be returned to holders, prior to the distribution to equity holders of any excess proceeds. This means that if the Company is sold for only c.£520k, all shareholders and loanholders would recover the full cost of their investments.

Investment in the new sites will fund fixtures and fittings, kitchen equipment, furniture etc. As the Company currently has a negligible level of bank borrowings, the terms for investors can be enhanced by raising £250,000 of the funding requirement in the form of secured term debt. This debt offers:

  • Asset-backed security*
  • 8% per annum cash yield – paid quarterly in arrears
  • Repayment over 4 years, commencing from December 2018

* Asset backing for the loan will include catering equipment, fixtures and fittings and leases (e.g. the Company is likely to be paying in the region of £80k for the lease on the first new restaurant).

The £250,000 balance of the funding is offered as ‘A’ Ordinary Shares, representing 25.3% of the fully diluted equity. 


The equity instrument is expected to be EIS-qualifying, giving an investor 30% initial income tax relief and potentially tax-free gains on an exit. It is available in units of £1,000.


The Best from wherever is Best. Artisan Cheese and Meats from Italy, Local suppliers, fresh ingredients. Not just for flavour but for your best health. You can be certain everything from our menu is of the finest quality!

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Investment details

Fundraise target£500,000

Extended target£750,000

Total raised£617,016

Equity stake30%

Exit Money Multiple5.8

Exit EBITDA Multiple6

Exit IRR55.2%

Company details

Name:Sourfire Limited

Address: 4 Basepoint Andersons Road
SO14 5FE

Company no: 08992205

Incorporated: 11/04/14

Social sites:

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