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Intelligent Fabric Technologies Holdings Limited (“iFabrics”), after extensive R&D with specialist technicians in Japan, has developed a proprietary polymer which is a breakthrough in the management of skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis. The polymer-coated silk garments are approved products available on NHS prescription and are marketed under the brand DreamSkin®.

This innovation opens up a number of valuable markets:

  • for alleviation of eczema symptoms – it has achieved both UK NHS and US FDA approvals
  • for infant clothing – for babies with sensitive skin
  • for nappy lining – soothing and softening, it reduces the potential for irritation and is kind to sensitive skin
  • for sports clothing – prevention of chaffing irritation

How it works

The DreamSkin® polymer is applied to textiles by a methodology called ionic coupling. This creates a firm bond between fibres and the polymer. During the drying process, the molecules reorder into a lamella structure, similar to the phospholipids in human cell membranes.

The multi-layer structure of the polymer is both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. The hydrophobic element provides an external barrier effect against irritants and the hydrophilic provides a moisture retaining and enhancing property. When worn against damaged skin, the polymer effectively triggers the body’s own repair mechanism. Current standard treatment is moisturisation with thick, greasy ointments and creams. These need to be applied several times a day and, as a result, compliance is poor. With DreamSkin®, patients are, in effect, wearing their moisturiser.

Progress to date

Medical Applications
ITF’s management judged that its efficacy claims would be best received by commercial buyers if it could demonstrate efficacy in the highly regulated field of medical applications. With approvals both from the MHRA and the US FDA, the Company’s range of 85 different garments – from socks through leggings to round necked tops – have brought significant levels of relief for eczema sufferers.

In the UK skin diseases account for 15% of all consultations with a GP. There are 2m eczema patients being treated in primary care in the UK and a further 2m make regular pharmacy purchases of eczema products: a market worth in excess of £100m in the UK alone.

Commercial Applications
The Company’s innovation also has a market in selling the polymer to manufacturers of clothing as well as applications such as nappies. The Company would not enter these markets themselves with their own products. Early trials with manufacturers of nappies (to Asda) and baby-grows (to Mothercare) have indicated that, with sufficient working capital and resource for marketing, this commercial market could be addressable in large scale.

The Company is currently agreeing its Business Plan with the Growthdeck team, who are undertaking due diligence prior to listing IFT as a prospective investment for their members.

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Registered address: 4 Carters Row
Hatfield Park
United Kingdom

Company number: 09941221

Incorporated: 07/01/16

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