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SeeQuestor   |  Technology
Target £2,220,000
Type Equity
Status Open

The Opportunity

Market-leading, sophisticated and patented CCTV video processing system for national security, police, critical infrastructure, smart cities and corporates. It has a “Post-Event” product and a more recently launched “Real-Time version”, both gaining significant traction with a number of customers internationally.

SeeQuestor Limited (“the Company” or “SQ”) harnesses world-leading AI technology and super-computing power to turn terabytes of CCTV video into actionable intelligence.


UK CCTV technology is generally ahead of US and European competitors because the UK is a much more “CCTV’d” country. In turn, UK companies are more attractive to international customers than equivalent Chinese technology because of the fear of government control, with SQ delivering privacy-by-design.

SQ’s competitive advantages are that it can recognise whole people (not just their faces), suspicious objects (bags, packages, weapons) and vehicles. Its systems are infrastructure agnostic and, uniquely, can use almost all existing CCTV cameras, even old and low-quality ones. Its analytics are more accurate – for example, SeeQuestor’s Real-Time product operates with two recognition engines, bringing unparalleled results in terms of “true” and “false” positives vs. competitors. Additionally, SeeQuestor products are uniquely designed for large camera networks (up to thousands) to deliver critical public safety benefits.

Many successful police manhunts have been completed using SQ technology, including a number with high media profiles. Systems have been successfully deployed by a national intelligence organisation at a major international airport as well as with law enforcement agencies. These installations have provided credibility to support sales to existing and likely next customers (predominantly public safety – police, airports, smart cities and large corporates). These are, for now, mostly overseas in the Middle and South East Asia (Thailand), where there is little resistance to adopting new methods or restrictions on the use of face recognition technology.

SeeQuestor is seeking up to £2,220,000 of development capital to strengthen its technical development and customer support capabilities, to develop its sales channels and to increase the market penetration of its products. The Company has recently issued shares of the type offered to Growthdeck Investors which have been accepted by HMRC as EIS qualifying.

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Investment details

Fundraise target£2,220,000

Fundraise maximum-

Minimum investment£5,000

Equity stake11.72%

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Company details

Name:SeeQuestor Limited

Address: The Elms Courtyard
United Kingdom

Company no: 09117684

Incorporated: 07/07/14

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