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Target £550,000
Type Equity
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The Opportunity

Your Favourite Teacher (“the Company” or “YFT”) was conceived in 2017 by experienced curriculum leader Kate Meeks. She wanted to create a tool to support the type of, often disadvantaged, students she had worked with for 6 years in a tough, inner-city secondary state school.

Her primary aim was always to support her pupils as best she could but forcing them into endless weekend and after-school revision was exhausting for staff and students alike. Her pupils were generally disengaged with traditional homework – many of whom did not have pens, pencils or notepads. What each pupil did have, by their side, without fail, was a smartphone. She recognised the need for a flexible, modern tool – learning that could be accessed from anywhere – and Your Favourite Teacher was born.

YFT is a GCSE online teaching and learning platform that offers access to high quality and engaging courses. While initially targeted to capitalise on the Pupil Premium grant allocated to schools to help those disadvantaged pupils, it is a highly effective tool that encourages and rewards positive learning routines and interweaves all the traditional elements of the teaching cycle. Not only that, it has been developed with a keen focus on how students learn and how best to keep them engaged and motivated.

The platform has a pupil dashboard where students can track their progress, and celebrate their achievements. Students easily navigate through subject areas and then courses depending on the teaching content they need. Learning is comprehensive and delivered through engaging videos, interactive quizzes, development resources and exam practice – a complete teaching and learning experience.

There are over 50 published courses (15 more in production) covering English, English Literature, Maths, Sciences and several other subjects. These match the new 2017 curriculum and the vast majority of UK exam boards. All content has been created and quality assured by expert teachers.


The EdTech market is growing globally and is expected to reach $342bn by 2025. In the UK, schools are spending c.£0.9bn on EdTech per annum. The lockdown is expected to boost the demand for e-learning platforms, resulting in a spike in the market during the forecast period.

With the disruption caused to schooling by Covid-19, the adoption and requirement for online learning has increased dramatically. Inequalities in our education system have been heightened and highlighted, with many children who are unable to access learning in the same way as others. This exacerbates the issues that schools face when supporting such pupils to make the same expected progress as their peers – something that is a key performance measure for schools in the state sector.

YFT has enjoyed strong early commercial progress. It has won multiple customers including secondary schools, alternative provision sites and sports academies (including Premier League Football clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal). This initial success includes a commercial deal with the Premier League and with Mumsnet.

The Company is seeking to raise £550k of equity (EIS-eligible) from Growthdeck investors.

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Investment details

Fundraise target£550,000

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Minimum investment£5,000

Equity stake16.0%

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Company details

Name:Your Favourite Teacher Limited

Address: 730 Capability Green

Company no: 11090121

Incorporated: 30/11/17

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