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The Opportunity

Bioepic’s technology, which was recognised by its award as a Startup 100 winner in 2016, makes it easy for people to non-invasively measure their health status in just 30 seconds, using a smartphone which they already own with no need for a wearable device.

Bioepic has developed the world’s first non-invasive vital signs monitor. Its technology is the world’s first application using only a smart phone (no additional device) to calculate, pulse wave velocity, body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate variability chaos, vascular stiffness & the effectiveness of inhalers. Bioepic are extending this technology to include sleep apnoea, cholesterol, hydration, red blood cell count, metabolic rate and fertility.

Bioepic’s forecast income streams are based on retail sales, corporate sales and technology licensing. In the retail sector the model is for an initially free-to-download app to build a user base, followed by a user retention model based on paid for functionality upgrades and frequent user-unlocked health related benefits. On the corporate side the model is based on bespoke occupational health monitoring applications for companies with large workforces and Bioepic already has very strong commercial traction with a range of multinational corporations. On the licensing side the business will provide white labelled functionality to pharmacies and over the counter drugs manufacturers to monitor their customer’s health, monitor the efficacy of their products and ultimately sell them more products.

The turnover and EBITDA is forecast to grow rapidly compared to costs because Bioepic’s business model is designed to be decouple sales from overheads.
Bioepic is raising £500,000 at a pre-money valuation of £3.5m by the placement of 1,667 (12.5%) ordinary HMRC pre-qualified EIS shares of £0.01, for a consideration of £300 per share. Existing investors include Bioepic Founders, SFC an SEIS venture capital fund operated by Innvotec, founders of one of the UK’s largest occupational health providers to corporate and government clients along with the founder of and Deliverance and the Head of Innovation at Roche Pharmaceuticals

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Company no: 09150096

Incorporated: 28/07/14

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