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Welcome to our new network

by Growthdeck Team

8 June 2018


Growthdeck: Welcome to our new network

Note: The contents of this article are the author's opinion and have not been approved as a financial promotion.

As you may have noticed, we have a new website. We felt it was time for a refresh and to make clearer our purpose as a rapidly growing network for private investors. Read more about the new features.

Our primary aim is to give you, the investor, access to high quality, tax-efficient investments. This is currently focused on EIS-qualifying investments in growth businesses, but we will soon be introducing more lending opportunities and commercial property investments. The intention therefore is to give sophisticated investors a wide range of alternative investment opportunities, all in one place, with the additional assurance of our experience, industry expertise and professional due diligence.

We'll be launching various new initiatives in the coming months and our new website is designed to give investors better access to exciting growth opportunities.

The changes include:

A different way to invest

Most investment platforms expect you to pay your money as soon as you commit to invest - then you have to wait until either the deal completes, or is cancelled and you get your money back. We take a different approach. On Growthdeck, when you decide to make an investment, you are not required to transfer any money in until the fundraise completes, so your cash isn't tied up unnecessarily. We will contact you immediately prior to completion to request payment and you can then transfer the money directly.

Step two

Reserve an investment

Pledge an amount into your chosen opportunity

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Step three

Complete investment

Transfer your funds on completion of the fundraise

We keep the amount of money pledged at any given point confidential. We feel this encourages our investors to focus solely on the merits of the opportunity, rather than be influenced by what other investors are doing. But we always show the minimum fundraise target at which a campaign can close, so you know how much has to be committed before your investment completes.

A new dashboard

Our new investor dashboard displays your investments in a better way - grouping all the information for each company together. So, for example, if you have an investment in Acme Enterprises, a single view shows you all of your individual Acme investments (including rights issues etc.), associated documents (including your EIS certificates), company updates, investor reports and other information related to Acme. Over time we will be adding more financial data so you can track how your investee business is performing in real terms.

You still have a consolidated portfolio view, showing all your investments together, plus a new Dataroom, where all of your documents are stored securely.

We will also be introducing a new secure messaging system that will enable us to send you alerts and private notices through the platform and for you to make direct requests via a secure and confidential channel.

More content

Over the coming weeks and months we'll be adding a lot more articles, events, videos and tools to help give our investors a better, wider view of the UK alternative investment sector. From investing in hot sectors, to learning about tax incentives, we'll be providing some of our expertise to help you make the right investment decisions.

We hope you enjoy using the new Growthdeck website. If you have any specific questions or suggestions, why not drop us a line at

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