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Press Coverage – FT Adviser, the i Newspaper and The Scotsman

by Growthdeck Team

17 October 2018


Our WebTicketManger (“WTM”) fundraise had some fantastic coverage from FT Adviser’s Joe McGrath, which featured on the publication’s homepage last week.

‘Growthdeck has announced a £550,000 enterprise investment scheme-compliant opportunity in a business that provides online tickets for Chelsea FC [stadium tours], Twickenham Stadium and Liverpool's Cavern Club.

Steve Talbot, investment director at Growthdeck, said making an investment in online ticketing platform WebTicketManager is attractive because of the business’s organic growth since being founded in 2012.’

Read the full article here: Growthdeck offers EIS in e-ticketing hub

Additionally, our latest research, which focuses on the turnover growth of UK amusement parks and private museums – part of WTM’s existing, and target, market – was covered in print in the i newspaper over the weekend, and has also appeared on the Scotsman website.

The Top UK amusement parks and private museums* have seen average turnover grow 4.8% and 3.5% respectively in the last year as millennial consumers increasingly look for new experiences in their time off. The growth rates of the top amusement parks and museums have outpaced current UK GDP growth, which grew just 1.2% in 2017-18.

Sector Total turnover 2016-2017
Total turnover 2015-2016
Average percentage growth
Top 20 UK amusement parks
£1.79 bn £1.65 bn 4.8%
Top 20 UK museums
£0.12 bn £0.14 bn 3.5%
Top 20 UK cinemas
£1.59 bn £1.48 bn 0.9%

* Top 20 for each category, does not include public museums such as the British Museum

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