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CFP Composites Launches New Product in the US Aerospace and Defence Sectors

by Growthdeck Team

8 April 2020


We’re pleased to report that portfolio company CFP Composites has just launched its cost-effective carbon tooling material (360) to the US aerospace and defence sectors – two crucial industries which have avoided close-down during the Covid-19 situation and instead remain fully operational.

Given the widespread adoption by leading UK/EU operators, and recently breaking into the US with two landmark contracts, CFP Composites is optimistic that US end users and their supply chain partners will see the obvious multiple benefits the product delivers.

360 is highly cost-effective and saves over 80 processing hours when compared with conventional composite tooling processes, enabling users to design and produce components much faster and therefore freeing up capacity for additional projects. It also has a zero-waste process, which is helping to combat the ‘dirty secret’ within the industry – namely, that carbon is generally wasteful to produce and difficult to recycle, meaning it contributes significantly to the world’s landfill problems (Carbon fibre: the wonder material with a dirty secret).

In 2018 we set out to raise £778,000 for CFP but the initial target was quickly exceeded, with the maximum limit of £1.078m being achieved in only three weeks – our fastest fundraise to date.

The company has developed and refined its unique manufacturing process and products over the past 10 years, with both patented globally in all the key economic territories. It is now aiming to capitalise on the success of client trials and a number of advanced leads for the deployment of both 360 and its other innovative product, FR.10.

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