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Out of Thin Air   |  Retail
Target £185,000
Type Equity
Status Open

The Opportunity

Calavera Limited, initially branded as Out of Thin Air (“the Company” or “OOTA”), is an engineering team aiming to solve global supply chain issues in the premium bike market through 3D printing.

OOTA was launched out of its founders’ frustration at the cumbersome supply chains of bespoke performance bikes. Many incumbent performance cycle brands are dependent on Chinese manufacturers for components. They often struggle to respond effectively to evolving demands of consumers, leading to very long lead times for production.

OOTA offers consumers bespoke performance bikes, made to order using laser additive manufacturing (LAM). This allows frames to be made by a UK wide network of 3D manufacturers with far faster lead times than traditional performance cycle makers.

The Company’s agile manufacturing techniques will mean bespoke bikes can be produced locally for consumers in as little as four weeks. The use of LAM will also allow the brand to respond quickly and avoid the high transportation costs often incurred by incumbent brands.


Revolutionising the performance bike industry with 3D printing

Luke Scheybeler

Co-founder of Rapha and Tracksmith

The management team includes:

  • Henry Furniss (Co-Founder) who previously founded, built and exited custom cycle maker WyndyMilla and exclusive mobile personal trainer business The Firm
  • Peter Abraham (Co-Founder), an experienced marketing leader who has built campaigns for brands including Nike, Red Bull and Amazon
  • Luke Scheybeler (Co-Founder and Creative Director) who previously co-founded cycling apparel maker Rapha, which was sold to Walmart for £200m in 2015

OOTA’s revolutionary 3D manufacturing arm is led by Dimitris Katsanis, a legendary cycle designer who helped propel Team GB’s cycling team to success in 2012. He was also the brain behind the Pinarello bikes used by Team INEOS in the Tour de France.

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Investment details

Fundraise target£185,000

Fundraise maximum-

Minimum investment£5,000

Equity stake4.07%

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Company details

Name:Calavera Limited


Address: Broomfield Cottage Fulbrook Lane

Company no: 12810208

Incorporated: 13/08/20

Social sites:

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