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ITPEnergised helps Eyemouth Harbour Trust secure new helicopter access

by Growthdeck Team

6 December 2018


Note: The contents of this article are the author's opinion and have not been approved as a financial promotion.

Growthdeck portfolio company ITPEnergised is part of the team that has secured planning permission for Eyemouth Harbour Trust (EHT) for the construction of a helicopter access facility adjacent to Eyemouth Harbour. 

Eyemouth Harbour Trust have recently secured planning permission for the construction of a helicopter access facility adjacent to Eyemouth Harbour. EHT were supported throughout the process by EHT’s agent for the application, Young Planning & Energy Consenting and environmental consultant, ITP Energised.

The plans originally submitted in October 2017, comprising two helipads, hangar, office and welfare building, fuel storage area, car parking, access road and landscaping are speculative and a potentially important piece of the jigsaw in the port’s ambitions to become an Operations & Maintenance base for an Offshore Wind Farm development in the Firth of Forth. Christine Bell, Business Manager for EHT commented ‘We are delighted to have obtained planning permission for this potentially significant development for Eyemouth. It opens up opportunities for the harbour and the town and has the potential to make a transformational change to the economic wellbeing of Eyemouth. While it’s an important milestone in the overall strategy of the harbour trust to attract new business to the area, it is speculative and there is still a lot of work to do initially with respect to wind farm operation and maintenance. However, this consent certainly strengthens Eyemouth’s position as a competitive base for supporting marine operations in the offshore wind sector.’

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