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Boom Raises Funds for Further Expansion Through Growthdeck

by Growthdeck Team

30 May 2022

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We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed a fundraise for fast-growing cloud telecoms business Boom.

Founded by Martin Boiles, a renowned telecoms entrepreneur, Boom provides a cloud-based telecoms system that allows businesses to operate with staff using mobile phones and PC software as well as traditional desk phones.

The pandemic, and resulting shift to remote and hybrid working, have led to many more people working from home, driving demand for cloud-based phone systems for business. This shift has resulted in Microsoft Teams becoming the pre-eminent choice for companies and Boom has now developed an integration with Teams, allowing users to access Boom’s platform and smart features via the Microsoft Teams app.

This rise in demand means that Boom saw a turnover of £1.2m in 2021, an increase of over 120% on the previous year.

Boom already partners with major IT and telecoms providers to roll out its technology and is embarking on its next growth phase with some exciting opportunities both in the UK and internationally which, if successful, will transform Boom into a multi-national player in the telecoms and ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) markets.

Boom has enjoyed a considerable amount of growth through its partnership with Growthdeck and this new funding will enable the company to expand its portfolio into new products and services, as well as targeting the additional domestic and international opportunities.

Our CEO, Ian Zant-Boer, says:

“The growth of Boom’s proven business model has continued to accelerate post-pandemic and we believe this remains a great investment.”

For more information about this powerful technology, head over to the Boom website.

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