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Innovative New Cloud Platform Chooses Growthdeck for Equity Raise

by Growthdeck Team

29 July 2016

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Cloud Services developer Framvern Limited has raised capital from our network for its innovative Fissara cloud platform, which helps companies organise mobile workers and assets and optimise their processes.

The funding will be used to expand the product range and enhance Fissara, which is designed to improve productivity and efficiency for field based organisations such as mobile engineering, maintenance services, surveying, care workers within the community, utility companies and support for telecoms and emergency services providers.

Framvern Limited estimates that 48% of UK field based businesses still run using paper processes to organise and manage their assets, processes and workforce. However, this can mean delays in time between issues being reported and corrected which overall gives a poor quality service to customers.

Fissara has already revolutionised mobile or field based businesses, allowing owners and managers to seamlessly manage, monitor and optimise their remote workforce. Users can fully schedule and manage daily and reoccurring activities for their workforce. Remote workers are able to easily manage spares and replacements, collect data, measurements, barcodes and signatures needed for the completion of jobs.

With Fissara, managers or owners of the business have all the information they need at their fingertips and this can be accessed and updated at any time by both worker and manager, so as to keep everyone in the business fully and dynamically informed, and ensures maximum customer satisfaction. The key to fissara’s flexibility and market opportunity is the highly modular and configurable design, all of which is put squarely in the hands of the user.

Fissara is principally marketed at medium to large companies in sectors including Utilities, Renewable Energy, Domiciliary Care, Telecommunications and Facilities Management with a great potential to expand to many other areas.

The investment generated from its fundraising campaign will now be used to expand into new markets and exploit the potential of Fissara’s software model.

Simon Emary, Co-Founder of Growthdeck, comments:

“Fissara has had a great three years, and the next step in their business model looks even more promising.”

“We are delighted that the first company to launch on Growthdeck is such an innovative and exciting one which already has a proven successful track record.”

“As a service, it’s offering business owners the ability to manage all their interests in one location and means they are able to keep careful track of even the smallest transaction. This is an invaluable service for those businesses with workforces operating across the UK.”

“Without this high level of coordination, businesses risk losing efficiency and productivity as well as having low levels of customer satisfaction.”

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