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Growthdeck Exits Environmental Consultancy ITPEnergised, Delivering 17x Investors’ Equity

by Growthdeck Team

8 February 2024

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We have successfully exited our minority investment in environmental and energy consultancy ITPEnergised, delivering investors a 17x return on their equity investment.

ITPEnergised has been acquired by global sustainability consultancy SLR, which targets the high-growth renewable energy, mining and minerals, financial, industrial, property and urban regeneration sectors. The company operates in 125 countries, across more than 100 offices, with over 3,000 staff across the UK and overseas.

ITPEnergised has over a decade of experience in providing energy, environmental, engineering, technical advisory and renewables asset management services that facilitate the transition to net zero.

We initially raised funding for ITPEnergised in 2018. The business has grown its profits 8–10x in the almost six years since. The capital aided the company throughout its early growth stages and particularly with its second acquisition.

Graham Brown, previously Chairman at Growthdeck, was on ITPEnergised’s board, providing guidance and advice to its CEO throughout the growth journey. Graham is a serial entrepreneur, successfully building and selling companies in sectors including compliance consultancy, water treatment and onshore wind.

Our Head of Portfolio, Simon Emary, says:

“ITPEnergised has grown into a truly excellent business over the last ten years – and being acquired by a global market leader in the field is proof of that.”

“ITPEnergised’s growth over the last six years has been tremendous and it’s hugely satisfying to see it move on to the next stage of growth as part of SLR.”

“We’re very proud to have contributed to a genuine British business success story.”

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