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The world’s first completely compostable coffee pod, compatible with all Nespresso home machines. The Halo capsule brings speciality coffees to the capsule market in a genuinely compostable capsule. With growing awareness of the environmental impact of capsules and the education of coffee drinkers, the Halo capsule arrives at the perfect time to fill the gap in the market.

Halo's target for Year One is 1.1m capsules. The business is finalising a distribution deal across the Maldives and Sri Lanka for 1m+ and pre-orders from Bel & The Dragon Inns for 500,000. Halo is in the unique position of having excessive demand pre-launch and up-to-date competitor knowledge, allowing us to accurately make financial projections.

Halo has recently been featured in GQ Magazine and Business Insider

The Single Serve Coffee Market is one of the fastest growing food and beverage markets.

  • Brand leader Nespresso has experienced year-on-year growth of over 10%, resulting in an average of 12,500 nespressos consumed every minute.
  • Nespresso reports sales of 7 billion capsules per year. In the USA, the dominant Keurig K-CUP brand reported sales of 9.8 billion capsules per year.
  • Colonna has recently launched a capsule range and, without marketing, are selling 100,000 from their e-commerce site.
  • Masterroast in Peterborough, the largest speciality coffee roaster and white label encapsulator in the UK, are running their machine at 22 hours a day.

But the capsules are a huge ecological problem, with only a minority of capsules recycled:

  • Nestlé itself states a current rate of 50% in Switzerland, but only 2% in France. The proportion of recycled aluminium in the capsules is not exactly known, but is estimated to be less than 30%. To date, Nespresso Capsules have created 28 million kilos of waste.
  • Since the lapse of Nespresso Patents in 2012, many companies have entered the capsule market and are experiencing average growth of an astonishing 354%.
  • These competitors ALL currently use Polypropylene Plastic. 22% of compatible capsule makers use Plastics, including Delonghi, KruCafe and Cafe Pod.
  • There is a current and urgent desire for compostables to enter the market as reflected by the recent £1.25m cash injection into KruCafe to develop compostable capsules.

Launch video displayed at Euston station, London

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