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Growthdeck Limited   |  Financial services
Target £500,000
Type Equity
Status Open

The Opportunity

Growthdeck is raising up to £1m to take advantage of improving economic conditions and a strong pipeline of opportunities.

Our previous raise from investor members was four years ago in 2019. Despite strong macro-economic headwinds since then, Growthdeck has outperformed the wider industry with the year-on-year growth of equity fundraising and an overall increase in deal flow and quality. The business is now more streamlined and efficient and we are well positioned to re-establish our rapid growth trajectory.


  • Investor appetite has rebounded with a strong Q4 2022
  • We are better streamlined and more efficient, having reduced our costs and increased our responsiveness
  • We know more about the investments our member base looks for, helping us identify deals that are a better fit
  • Our initial debt offerings have created a blueprint for a wider roll-out
  • We are now FCA Authorised as a Fund Manager and will be launching Funds in 2023


Our objective

To deliver, by 2027, a business worth in excess of £50m that arranges investments in private companies for its network of high and ultra-high net worth investors. The business will be valued highly by potential acquirers because it delivers profit streams from arrangement fees, recurring monitoring fees and capital gains from carries, that come from servicing a proprietary member base that is loyal to the brand.


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Investment details

Fundraise target£500,000

Fundraise maximum£1,000,000

Minimum investment£10,000

Equity stake5% (max 10%)

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Company details

Name:Growthdeck Limited

Address: Seebeck House
Milton Keynes

Company no: 09801754

Incorporated: 09/10/15

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Please note

We want our investors to be fully aware of the downsides of investing as well as the potential benefits. It's therefore important to realise that investing always carries risks, including the loss of capital, illiquidity (the inability to sell assets quickly or without substantial loss in value), lack of dividends and share dilution. Alternative investments should still be made as part of a diversified portfolio. Read our full Risk Warning