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Teacher Booker Wins Major Contract with Welsh Government

by Growthdeck Team

4 July 2023


We are proud to announce that the Welsh Government has chosen Teacher Booker to provide the software solution for the recruitment and management of supply teachers and other temporary workers across all schools in Wales.

This is a fantastic achievement for CEO Vamsi Vadde and the rest of the team at our portfolio company. A huge amount of hard work and commitment went into securing this contract with the Welsh Government and this represents the next stage in their mission to ‘fix supply teaching’.

Vamsi Vadde says:

“We are thrilled to have won this contract with the Welsh Government.”

“Our supply staffing platform has been designed to address the challenges faced by schools and education providers, and we believe that this contract is a testament to the effectiveness and innovation of our approach.”

“We are confident that our supply staffing platform will provide a more equitable and sustainable approach to supply staffing in Wales.”

By connecting teachers directly with schools, Teacher Booker’s software completely cuts out the need to use expensive recruitment agencies, meaning schools save money and hard-working teachers earn more.

This new win has capped off a strong year to date for the company in terms of new contracts with major Local Authorities and education establishments across the UK. This includes the City of Edinburgh Council, Dundee City Council and West Dunbartonshire Council.

This builds on the strong traction the business demonstrated in 2022, when it won positions on a number of key purchasing platforms. These included the Crescent Purchasing Consortium, a major not-for-profit education group, and the Government’s Crown Commercial Service (CSS).

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